SEE RESULTS 2080: Celebrating Academic Excellence


The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) marks a significant milestone in Nepal's secondary school system, representing the culmination of 10th-grade studies. Administered by the esteemed National Examination Board, this examination is a prerequisite for students to proceed to higher secondary or intermediate level education (12th grade) as per the new Education Act. After a period of anticipation, the wait finally concluded on July 6, 2023 (Ashar 21, 2080), when the results were officially announced. A total of 484,939 students participated in the SEE exam in 2023 (2079 BS). Among them, an impressive 22,475 students, accounting for 4.63 percent, achieved the prestigious A grade, signifying an outstanding GPA ranging from 3.60 to 4.0.

Notably, United School exhibited exceptional performance this year, with 143 students securing the highest grade, A+. An additional 93 students were awarded the grade A, reflecting a commendable level of achievement. While slightly below A+, these students showcased a strong understanding of the evaluated concepts. Furthermore, 9 students received the grade B+, indicating a satisfactory level of performance. The remarkable number of students excelling in the SEE at United School highlights the institution's commitment to academic excellence, with a substantial proportion attaining the top grade, A+.

Within this cohort of 245 students, two remarkable individuals, Angana Ojha and Kreetika Neupane, achieved a perfect 4 GPA, defying the odds and underscoring the profound impact of United School's dedication to educational excellence. Their remarkable academic accomplishments are a testament to their individual efforts and the support and guidance provided by our institution. Mrs. Neera Pradhan, the esteemed principal of United School, extends her heartfelt appreciation and praise to all SEE graduates. She exclaims, "I am thrilled to share with you all that our students and team's hard work, dedication, and commitment have brilliantly paid off in the recent SEE -2079. Out of 245 students, 2 achieved a perfect 4 GPA, while 143 students attained A+, and 93 students earned an A, along with 9 students receiving the B+ grade. The collaborative spirit, where we worked together, shared knowledge, and uplifted one another, has undoubtedly contributed to this overall success. Warmest congratulations to the entire team for this well-deserved achievement."

To these exceptional students who have achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA, we extend our heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing how immensely proud we are of their remarkable accomplishments. Your dedication and achievements stand as a true inspiration for all students, reminding us that with the right tools and unwavering support, extraordinary accomplishments are within reach for everyone.