Student Houses

Students are divided into 4 different houses. There are more than 50 events and competitions in a year. While students might compete individually, in a group, or as a class, the final scores are linked to the respective houses. By creating a house score system, we want to cultivate camaraderie, belongingness, and team spirit.


East House

The East House is given the color yellow. Yellow is related to the sun which stands for ebullience, vitality, joy, happiness, and camaraderie.


West House

The West House is given the color green. Green represents harmony and rejuvenation and is frequently linked to success. It also connotes development, vitality, and freshness.


South House

The South House is given the color red. Red represents confidence, courage, and determination, encouraging a sense of challenge and a strive for success.


North House

The North House is given the color blue. Blue is a symbol of the sky and the ocean and is connected to open spaces, freedom, intuition, creativity, and sensitivity.