Co-curricular Activities

Club Activities

With the aim of letting students explore their potential, broaden their mind and teach skills, the college supports a number of student clubs. These clubs are an essential part of the school’s improvement program. Following is the list of current active clubs at United School:

  1. Sports Club: In this club, students are mentored in various sports namely: Table tennis, basketball, football, taekwondo, wushu, karate, badminton, cricket, and swimming.
  2. Creative Club: In the club, students can choose to engage in activities like dance, drama, rhythm(tabla/congo), violin, guitar, keyboard, vocal, pottery, arts, and crafts. Note: Students from grade 3 and above can be a part of two clubs, one from each category; sports and creative club. These club activities are run by experienced professional trainers in the respective fields.
  3. Literary Club: Literary club students explore, observe, compose and create poetry, prose, scripts, story, etc.

House Activities

Students at United Schools are divided into 4 houses namely: North-Blue house, East-Yellow house, West-Green house, and South-Red house.

Various inter-house competitions–both academic and sports–are organised throughout the year.

Outreach Programs

Community outreach programs are an integral part of the extra curricular activities organized at United School. Outreach programs like Clean the Country through the Classroom campaign, visit to old-age home, etc. are vital for student’s overall growth.