July Highlights: United School's Month of Achievement and Celebration


July at United School was a whirlwind of activities and achievements. Our school community came together to celebrate, learn, and excel in various domains. Let's take a closer look at the exciting events that unfolded during this eventful month.

PBL Science Cell Skit Sketch

Our talented Class 7 students, as part of the PBL Science Cell, wowed us with their skit sketches. This performance brilliantly combined scientific concepts with artistic expression, showcasing the creative and educational prowess of our students.

Curriculum Sharing

In our commitment to transparency and collaboration, we organized a Curriculum Sharing event. Parents and guardians had the opportunity to gain insights into our curriculum, teaching methodologies, and the holistic development of their children.

Teachers Day Celebration

Our educators are the backbone of United School, and we celebrated them with deep appreciation. The Teachers Day celebration was a day of honoring our teachers for their unwavering dedication to shaping future leaders.

Bhanu Jayanti Celebration

Our rich cultural heritage was on display as we commemorated the birth anniversary of the great poet Bhanubhakta Acharya. The day was filled with cultural performances, recitations, and an exploration of our literary legacy.

Student Sanskriti Rijal's Poetry Victory

Our student Sanskriti Rijal shone bright when she achieved an outstanding victory in a poetry competition organized by New Millennium School. Her poetic prowess brought pride to our school community.

Model United Nations (MUN) Days

The spirit of diplomacy and global awareness was alive during our Model United Nations event. Students engaged in passionate debates, negotiations, and discussions on pressing global issues, showcasing their critical thinking and leadership.

Inter-House Chess Competition

The intellect knows no boundaries, and our Inter-House Chess Competition showcased the strategic brilliance and sportsmanship of our students from different houses.

Felicitation Program for SEE Graduates

The month concluded with a heartfelt felicitation program for our SEE (Secondary Education Examination) graduates. It was a moment to celebrate their achievements and mark a significant milestone in their educational journey.

July was a month of diverse activities, learning experiences, and celebrations at United School. It reflects our commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures not just academic excellence but also creativity, cultural understanding, and leadership skills.

As we move forward into the academic year, we're excited to see our students continue to grow, excel, and make us proud. Stay tuned for more updates and achievements as we embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery together.