Weekly Recap: United School's Spectacular Start to September!


September 2nd: United School Celebrates Excellence! 

On the 2nd of September, United School shone brightly as we honoured our shining stars and applauded the best of the best! A special assembly was conducted to celebrate the Class 5 ARANIKO and the Best Class Award Distribution ceremony. 

The Best Classes for the month of Srawan were unveiled:

Class 3 - 3 Einstein

Class 4 - 4 Darwin

Class 5 - 5 Buddha

Congratulations to these outstanding classes for their unwavering dedication and hard work! Together, let's celebrate their remarkable achievements and inspire others to reach for the stars. 

Also on September 2nd: United School Shines at the Inter-School Chess Championship!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the recent Inter-School Chess Championship, where our talented students showcased their chess prowess! 

Sese Hang Thumbahamfe secured an impressive 5th place out of 59 brilliant contestants, demonstrating strategic brilliance and determination!

Sakrit Parajuli also displayed exceptional skill, achieving an impressive 8th place out of the 59 contestants, making us incredibly proud!

These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students. Let's applaud their remarkable performance! 

September 3rd: United School Highlights! 

September 3rd was a day filled with achievements and recognition as our little stars from Grade I Araniko conducted a fantastic assembly! 

We also celebrated the talents of our students with:

 Medal and Certificate Distribution to the winners of the Inter-House Poem Recitation Competition in English and Nepali! 

Congratulations to our poets for their inspiring verses and outstanding performances! ?

And that wasn't all! ? The Best Class Award for the month went to:

 Winner Class: I Curie out of 7 Sections in Grade I

 Winner Class: II Curie out of 7 Sections in Grade II

A round of applause for these winning classes, who truly excelled! 

September 5th: United School Shines at the Inter-School Table Tennis Championship 

Congratulations to our extraordinary athletes for their outstanding performance at the recent Table Tennis competition hosted by DAV School! 

Jenash Thapa's remarkable skills earned him the prestigious title of 'Man of the Series,' showcasing his dedication and talent on the table. 

Dristika Shrestha's phenomenal achievement, securing 3rd place and proving her prowess in the game.

September 7th: Embracing Divine Grace 

United School joyfully celebrated Krishna Janmashtami on September 7th, a day of devotion, enlightenment, and love. As we came together to honor Lord Krishna's birth, may his wisdom and grace guide us on our educational journey. 

Let us strive to emulate Krishna's virtues of compassion, knowledge, and righteousness in all that we do. Wishing you a blessed and joyous Janmashtami! 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and achievements as we continue our journey through September at United School. Together, we reach for the stars!