Weekly Recap: United School's September 2023 - Week 3


Welcome back to the United School Weekly Recap, where we bring you the latest highlights and happenings from our vibrant school community. The past week was nothing short of extraordinary, filled with celebrations, achievements, and moments of pride.

Teej Celebration on 15th September:

The 15th of September marked a special occasion at United Universal School as we came together to celebrate Teej. This festive day holds great significance, particularly for women, and our women staff at the UAG group joined hands to make it memorable. The school was buzzing with enthusiasm and positive energy as our wonderful women staff took center stage with lively dance performances that left everyone in awe. Following the spirited dance performances, a delicious dinner was shared, strengthening the bonds of friendship and camaraderie. The day was further enhanced by engaging in various games, creating cherished memories that will be treasured forever.


Children's Day Celebration on 16th September:

On the 16th of September, teachers and students united to celebrate Children's Day. It was a day filled with teacher-student collaboration and appreciation. Our dedicated teachers showcased their talents with special performances for the students, and the students' heartfelt appreciation made it a memorable day for all.


21st September: Ghazal Competition Triumph:

United School made its mark at the Inter-School Ghazal Competition, and we couldn't be prouder! Our talented student, Samayak Koirala, secured the 2nd position with the incredible support of musicians Kankaist Rai, Rupesh Pariyar, and Nimesh Kapali. This achievement at the prestigious competition organized by DAV School showcases the immense musical talent within our school community. Congratulations to Samayak Koirala, and thank you to our talented musicians for their support!


21st September: Education Day 2080 Celebrations:

Education Day 2080 was a momentous occasion for United School. We received a series of important honors and accolades during the grand celebration of National Education Day, 2080, by Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur, led by Mayor Hari Govinda Shrestha.


Our commitment to academic excellence shone through as United School secured the first position in the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) and second position in the BLE (Basic Level Education) exams. Our teachers, Mr. Kedar Bajagain and Mr. Sadindra Shrestha, were recognized for their outstanding performance. Sadindra Shrestha achieved an exceptional 3.33 GPA in Social Studies, while Kedar Bajagain achieved an outstanding 90.50% in Mathematics.


In addition, United School claimed the first place in the CSN-organized "Hajiri Jawab" competition, reflecting not only our dedication to academic excellence but also the exceptional talent and dedication of our students and teachers.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mahalaxmi Municipality for this remarkable recognition and look forward to continuing our pursuit of excellence in education.


That wraps up our weekly recap of the incredible events that unfolded at United School. We are grateful for the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our students, staff, and parents. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and achievements as we continue to nurture a culture of learning, celebration, and excellence at United School. Thank you for being part of our journey!