A literary club is a wonderful way for students to explore their love for literature and language. At United School literary club, students can come together to discuss their favorite books, share their writing, and participate in creative writing exercises. This is a space where students express themselves freely, learn from each other, and develop their writing skills.


We understand that admitting a child at a school is a crucial decision for parents and requires careful consideration. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.


We organize activities and programs that provide social, educational, and recreational opportunities for students to interact with each other and engage with the wider community.

Learning Approach

We believe in inspiring our learners to be inquisitive, motivated, and global-minded individuals who want to create changes. We provide our young learners access to technological labs, numerous life skills, and instructional learning.

Life at United School

We believe in learning to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. We want the students to excel not only academically but also from Socio-Psychological perspectives.

Hostel Life

Students need a setting that feels like home. We focus on providing the finest hostel experience possible, including nutritious food, comfortable accommodation, and a structured schedule that helps students balance their time and studies.

Club and Activities

In addition to placing a strong emphasis on academics, we also emphasize students' physical well-being and provide them with a venue for different clubs and activities.

03 Counselling

School counseling services provide support to help students manage emotional, social, and personal challenges. These services provide a safe and supportive space for students to address any concerns and empower them to develop coping skills. The goal is to empower students to develop coping skills and improve their overall well-being.

03 Infirmary

The school’s infirmary is a crucial component of its overall health and safety services. It is a unit where students can receive basic medical care and attention.It is staffed by a nurse and equipped with medical supplies and medication, including a bed. It serves to treat minor illnesses and injuries.

02 Excursions

We offer our hostel students the opportunity to bond and build relationships with their peers as they travel and experience new things together during excursions. We take our hostel students to excursions offering a change of scenery and a break from the routine of school and hostel life, allowing students to learn and experience new things in a fun and engaging environment.

02 Weekends

Weekends for the hostel students at United School offer a critical balance to the academic requirements of the school and are essential for their well-being and personal growth. Hostel students can also participate in recreational activities, such as playing sports and engaging in other extra-curricular activities.. In addition to that, we also offer our hostel students the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities and visit nearby tourist attractions.

02 Extra Classes

Extra classes for hostel students are essential for academic success and personal growth. We understand that extra classes can provide our hostel students with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, helping them to stay motivated and engaged in their studies, even while living away from home in a hostel setting.

02 Sports

We encourage students to participate in sports activities as it is an important aspect of a well-rounded education, especially for hostel students. We believe that participating in sports can help to develop discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic in our students. Our aim is to help students stay active, reduce boredom, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even while living away from home in a hostel setting.

01 Security and surveillance

We have installed security cameras which are being constantly monitered for maintaining security as well as monitoring the school premises  

01 Arts & Crafts Center

We believe in giving space for students to develop their artistic and crafty abilities.


Two separately well-equipped science labs provide students hands-on opportunities on various natural science projects.


Theory and practical computer classes are available for students. There are two separate well-equipped labs for primary and secondary students.


We have more than 10 thousand books in our two libraries. Our libraries are equipped with high-speed internet access for additional online resources.


Transportation service is available for students living in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts


At United School, a range of clubs are available to students to get them involved in activities to keep them mentally and physically active, which in turn teaches students about discipline, working as a team or in a team, and supporting their teammates.


We have a well-equipped audotirium with 350 seats which give students ample opportunities to groom their talent


Our school integrates music into its curriculum, offering music classes and performance opportunities, to give students well-rounded musical coaching.


Our school provides access to a wide range of art materials and tools, encouraging students to experiment and explore their artistic interests. Art can foster self-expression, cultural awareness, and empathy, helping students understand and connect with the world around them


Drama club at primary school provides students with the opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves through acting and stage performance. Students can learn skills such as script writing, stage presence, character development, and teamwork through rehearsals and productions. Drama club also helps students build confidence, communication skills, and self-esteem.


At United students can learn a variety of dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, and ballroom. Our experienced instructors provide a positive and supportive environment for all skill levels. In addition to weekly classes, we also offer dance performances and the opportunity to compete in local dance competitions


Our school integrates music into its curriculum, offering music classes and performance opportunities, to give students well-rounded musical coaching.